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Whoo Hooo!!!  Congratulations on being a late identified ADHD/Autistic adult.  You made it and now it is time to THRIVE!!  

Most of us come to our identification due to Burnout.  If you are in Burnout and ready to get off that Chronic Cycle Burnout Loop for good, you are in the RIGHT PLACE.  Get started today and don't miss one more day of living YOUR Best Thriving Life!!!

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QUIZ: What's Your ADHD/Autistic Burnout Level (aka Spicy Burnout)?

Find out if your Sensory Profile is helping or hindering your burnout restoration! Plus get ready for life-changing transformations — I’m going to give you tips to boost your energy and your First Steps to Spicy Burnout Restoration

BOOK: "Unleashing Sustainable Energy: A Strategic Approach to Transforming Spicy Burnout for ADHD/Autistic Professionals"

Teaching ADHD/Autistic Professionals how to have sustainable energy that works FOR them so that they are the empowered leader in their career, relationships and beyond.

Begin YOUR restoration journey today!

Companion Book Bundle- The UnVeiling Method Tools and Framework

This Companion Bundle for the book, Unleashing Sustainable Energy, will take you through the core assessments mentioned in the book including Needs Reflection Assessment, Sensory Profile Blueprint.  This bundle will help you take the data a bit deeper with exercises and activities to bring your results to life including the Burnout Basics Workbook, Burnout History and more.

PLUS special BONUS materials includes our Signs of Rest Depletion and the Spicy Pepper Dashboard with recording where Carole Jean takes you step by step through the elements to begin your Dashboard to identify your Burnout Experiences, Internal Warning Signs and your Rest Needs!!!

What you get:

Spicy Pepper Dashboard workshop, workbook and Quiz

Foundation Phase 1 of The UnVeiling Method:

     - Core Assessments (Needs & Sensory Profile Blueprint)

    -  Values Workbook (Unmask and identify what your values means to you)

     - Burnout Basics Workbook (Identify your Sign Posts and Burnout History)

     - Boundary Basics Workbook (Identify the 7 types and 3 styles of boundaries and              how to begin using the one that will help you get your #1 Unmet need met more            consistently)

     - Restoration Framework Level 1 where you bring it all together to create your first          level of restoration with a plan and strategies that work for you.


Get the Phase 2 workbook taking you through the 4 elements to self care along with exercises to the key first steps in a way that works for ADHD Autistic humans not some spa day or unplugging from social media.


     - Signs of Rest Depletion

     - 7 Areas of Rest Assessment

     - Rest Needs Activity Worksheet

     - Reclaim your Thought Energy

BONUS: Create Your Thrive Destination Statement (TDS)

Build your unique best thriving life as the empowered leader with a destination and life you create that supports you best that is sustainable and fun.

     - Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid while in Burnout

     - Defining the TDS framework

     - Creating your TDS

     - Replay of the TDS workshop so you can work along and create your TDS with

        additional help and guidance

Over $3,000 worth of material, knowledge and life giving resources to help you energize and thrive in a way that works FOR you.

Nail Your #1 Need MasterClass

Walk away knowing exactly what your #1 need is, how that need shows up for you when it is met, and what your first step will be to get your need met more consistently to accelerate burnout restoration…


Q&A Managing ADHD Autistic Burnout at Work with Oliver Fenghour and Carole Jean Whittington

Explore burnout management with experts Carole Jean Whittington and Oliver Fenghour in a one-hour Q&A session. Get answers to the biggest and most frequently asked questions and discover how to navigate autistic/ADHD burnout effectively.

Neurodiversity: Managing ADHD/Autistic Burnout at Work (Lunch & Learn with Oliver Fenghour and Carole Jean Whittington)

30 Min Lunch & Learn Managing ADHD/Autistic Burnout at Work with Oliver Fenghour & Carole Jean Whittington

Choose either Thursday, Aug 17 at 12 pm EST/6 pm GMT 


Friday, Aug 18 at 7 am EST/ 12 pm GMT

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