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The Brain Dump Blog & Newsletter Accessibility in Healthcare with Advocate Mason Milne

Accessibility in Healthcare with Advocate Mason Milne


Carole Jean: What does accessibility mean to you ? 

Mason Milne:  Accessibility means a lot to me I think without advocating talking about things so it can be adapted so it’s easier we wouldn’t be talking about Accessibility. I’m always saying people should be treated as individuals. 

Carole Jean: What is your big “why” for advocating in healthcare ? 

Mason Milne: I think healthcare is very important to advocate for if we are taking in a neurodivergent sense I think lots does to change within health care it’s a very nervous going a doctor’s appointment or hospital appointment because it’s really the last place you’d want to be ideally, I’d like to think the way professionals speak to you needs to be thought about even some training, of course everyone is different that’s the beauty of life! Which leads to the next question… 

Carole Jean: What has been the biggest accessibility challenge you have faced in your own healthcare in the past?

Mason Milne: The biggest challenge maybe not in my own healthcare but I have faced some challenges. For example when using an Accessible Toilet getting called out for It which I’m able to use due to my Crohn’s disease and being disabled. And a similar scenario when parking in a disabled bay saying “You know this is for disabled people” when I am disabled it’s all the looks. Actually there might be one challenge of accessibility I have faced in my own health care I remember when getting diagnosed with Crohn’s disease I was taken to the A&E unit I was there for a long time like 10 hours and I don’t like loud noise and people close to me I was unable to go into a quiet room I was prevented access with my autism I am sensory so it was very hard for me to adjust. 

Carole Jean: What are your best tips or insights into creating more accessibility from the healthcare provider side?

Mason Milne: I was so happy when I saw this question as I have a friend who is a healthcare provider who has been on my podcast so I’m happy to answer this. Some tips I would say try and understand your patient to their needs. If they are autistic and neurodiverse, research your patient and learn from them. One last thing I would say if healthcare provider’s want forms ask if patients could do it from home as they can be very rushed in the practice and you don’t get enough time. 

Carole Jean: What tips or best practices would you like to share to help aid other ND patients? 

Mason Milne: Some tips I would share is always speak from your mind, if you think something is wrong you are probably right although we have these professionals you have the power to determine what you want to do and what you don’t want to do, my motto since 2017 don’t worry what others think of you, you do you and everything will be okay. 

Carole Jean:  What is the most important point you'd like to share around accessibility in Healthcare?

Mason Milne: The most important point has to be the understanding without the understanding of Accessible then nobody can cater for your needs and help and support you. Without an understanding we don’t know where we’d be today. As I’ve said in my blog there is a long way to go things always improve like in 10 years a lot will be improved. Fingers crossed. I’d love to see more sensory rooms, not just in schools in hospital, in general places we visit and quiet rooms too. We can’t expect people to understand everything but I'll ask is to be patient, learn and be kind. 

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About the Amazing Mason Milne and Where to Connect

Mason Milne is the host of the podcast, Crohn’s & Autism Awareness.

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