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June 2022 Newsletter


Dear MYAutisticBrain Members,

I have been really excited to share this topic with all of you because it is one we talk or think about daily but rarely dive into from OUR Autistic perspectives. 

There are so many aspects to sex and sexuality from the Autistic and Autistic/ADHD experience that are very different from the neuro-majority from our sensory preferences, processing differences, Alexithymia and many more.  

Join in the conversations this month in live community events and workshops with special guests which include: Michael John Carley, Candice Christiansen, Amy Gravino, Mona from Neurodiverse Love and MORE.  

Autistic Sex is unique to our neurotype experience from sexual identification be it bi, pan, asexual, non-binary and beyond and our sensory and processing needs in sexual intimacy with ourselves and with others. 

Let's talk about it and explore what sex is to US.  We are wonderfully wired, NeuroDistinct and how we have, don't have and enjoy or find sexual pleasure varies.  ALL Autistic ADHD adults are invited to this conversation. 

Reminder:  Mind Your Autistic Brain Community is based in Kindness, Gentleness, Patience and Understanding for ourselves and others.  

Please be respectful of different experiences and perspectives.  

Keep comments and engagement kind and from a place of compassionate curiosity.  We all have different beliefs and experiences, those are honored here.

Any comments that fall outside of this container set above will be removed from the dialogue and any person whose actions do not honor these MYAB rules will be removed.

Highlights for this month:

A few of the topics we will be exploring this month are:  sexual identification, what is pleasure to you, sexual communication, sexual boundaries and MORE.

Talk Show Schedule for June:

Autistic Sex Series-

#1 June 8 with Amy Gravino

“Autistic Sex is Sexier Than You Think”

#2 June 15 with Michael John Carley

“Happy, Positive & Confident Sex for Adults on the Autism 

Spectrum…and Beyond”

#3 June 22 with Candice Christiansen

Autistic Sex & Aging

#4 June 29 with Lexi Harvey-Bryn

Sexual Identification & Autistic Sex

#5 July 6 with Ali Arena

The ADHD & Sex Component

Get links as the episodes air on the MYAB Talk Show Home Page

Book Suggestion:

From the world-renowned autistic speaker and author, Michael John Carley, comes a guide to sexual activity for individuals on the autism spectrum that is not a leap, but a quantum leap from similar books of the past. For anyone who feels anxious or negative about the subject, Carley has once again made sex not only fun, but also inclusive. His book is a how-to guide, a primer on relationship structures, a porn clarifier, a masturbation celebrator, and above all, a permission granter to (if not a demander of) pleasure itself. His writing is passionately critical of the fear-based teachings of the past, crisp, and at times, ingeniously funny. The brilliant Ha!’s 70-plus, explicit illustrations solidify the joyful nature of this book by depicting people of all sizes, colors, ages, and especially, orientations. For all neurodivergent people who are seeking happy sex lives, THE book has arrived!

“Book of Happy, Positive & Confident Sex for Adults on the Autism Spectrum…and Beyond” 

Community Events & Workshops:

We have lots planned for this month, check it out on our Events Page 

Shine A Light around the Autistic Community this June:

The Autistic Art Club- June 11th Art and Sex Work 

The Info Dump Files Podcast with Doug Blecher “Pride in Our Roots” 4 Part Series 

Coming up:

August- Autistics in the Workforce & Meet The NeuroDrive Team

September- Annual Self-Care September Series

October- Accommodations & Special Therapy Services


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