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The NeuroDrive Team

The NeuroDrive Team

A Division of Mind Your Autistic Brain

What is The NeuroDrive Team?

The Neurodrive Team helps modern companies integrate neurodiverse communication, culture, and needs to bridge the gap between innovation, productivity, and well-being, so your entire organization thrives and revenue grows.

We are Autistic and ADHD professionals who collectively form a training and consultancy team to help growing modern companies take their current HR and DEI framework, company culture and neurodiverse workforce to the next level of innovation, diversity, productivity and growth through our speedy, adaptive and efficient NeuroDrive Blueprint

No need to reinvent the wheel, throw out everything you have and start from scratch OR create committees to implement a 60+page playbook.  Time and cost are two of the biggest factors stopping most companies from incorporating new frameworks.  We get that! 

Meet The Team

Jessica Michaels, Culture Director

Jessica Michaels spent years of her career hearing things like "You've met all your goals, but you're failing." A late-in-life Autism and ADHD diagnosis provided an answer, but not a solution. Now, in addition to her work as a corporate trainer at Adobe, Jessica is a neurodiversity culture builder and transformer helping companies create both foundations and frameworks to increase engagement, retention & innovation.

Dr. Ali Arena, Connection Director

Dr. Ali Arena is passionate about social cognition, language processing, executive functioning, and creating meaningful relationships. Ali refers to herself as an interpersonal detective searching for patterns to increase connection & understanding. She is both a Speech-Language Pathologist & Educational psychologist who also owns a private practice helping both individuals and businesses thrive. Dr. Arena helps bridge and connect neurodiverse teams and individuals in both direct report & peer to peer relationships.

Carole Jean Whittington, Alignment Director

Principal & Founder of Mind Your Autistic Brain, Carole Jean is a Burnout prevention and restoration specialist and the leader of the NeuroDistinct Workforce Movement championing companies who seek to create a thriving Neurodiverse culture through effective alignment of individual & company needs. Innovation & Revenue begin with an alignment of culture, communication, needs and integrated support systems. 

Carrin M. Gilmore, Needs & Accommodations Director

Carrin has been helping others identify their needs and get accommodations met long before she became a certified Special Educator. Knowing she is autistic from an early age led Carrin to a field she intimately knows. Through over a decade of experience, Carrin has created a framework to help companies and individuals thrive. Helping HR departments & companies easily set up and manage all employee needs is her goal.     

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