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Welcome to the Mind Your Autistic Brain Events Page

Here you will find information on upcoming community events and registration links to join in the conversation and fun.  You will also find information and links to where we are being featured or presenting at upcoming conferences, podcasts, presentations or training classes.

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Live Panel Events


TIME: 1-2 pm Eastern on YouTube

Join our power packed panel of Autistic Advocates to discuss accessibility in the workplace.  We will be covering all the hottest topics from autism disclosure, accessibility and accommodations along with so much more that matters to us in the workplace.


TIME: 11 am - 12 pm Eastern on YouTube

Our Accessibility in Healthcare live panel discussion will cover some of the most important access points for autistics including diagnosis, mental health care, alternative and holistic healthcare, intersectional identities, and so much more with our panel of autistic advocates.


TIME: 12-1 pm Eastern on YouTube

Our Panel on Accessibility in Public Spaces and Beyond will discuss areas that we encounter most often that create access barriers in Public spaces and everyday settings from museums to coffee shops and beyond.


TIME: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Eastern on YouTube

Our Panel on Accessibility in Education will discuss areas that we encounter most often that create access barriers in educational settings from pre-shcool to further and higher education including identification, IEP (Individualized Education Plans for the US), common classroom barriers to access and more.

The VERY FIRST Mind Your Autistic Brain Autistic Advocate Impact & Achievement Award for their Service to Others was presented to Mr. Brian Bird of Autism Support Community last year during our 2022 Shine A Light Campaign

If one person has made the biggest impact on how so many autistic advocates show up and how we set healthy boundaries around ourselves as  autistic adults and advocates it is my dear friend and mentor, Brian Bird. 

Brian is the calm voice in the storm.  He is the grounded center that rights the ship when it feels like you are going down.  The gratitude I owe this glorious man is immense.

He has taught countless autistic advocates how to reclaim and establish OUR space and place in this world and within our own community from a place of compassion and self-love. 

Join us this year to celebrate our Shine A Light Autistic Advocate Award Winner when we announce on THURSDAY, APRIL 20TH during our Live Panel on Accessibility in Healthcare.

Meet your Shine A Light Hostess with the Mostest:

Carole Jean Whittington is a late identified Autistic ADHD Dyslexic adult who has sensory differences including auditory processing delay.  She has been leading educational training for over 20 years in the fields of employment, education, healthcare, and community service organizations on topics ranging from Neurodiversity in the Workforce, Burnout Restoration for Minds of all Kinds, ND Accessibility in Healthcare from in-take to surgical environments, and has presented to companies including Google, Highspot, International Institute for Learning, and global conferences including Thinking Differently About Autism and Autscape.

Carole Jean is also a mom to two neurodistinct kiddos (Autistic & ADHD) and partner in a Neurodiverse relationship with Josh.  She is entering year 4 of no shutdown, meltdown or burnout thanks to The UnVeiling Method: Burnout to Thriving she created over the last 9 years of her own person late identification journey as an Autistic ADHD dyslexic human beginning at the age of 40.

Carole Jean is the author of the upcoming book, “How Spicy is Your ND Burnout?” available exclusively at Mind Your Autistic Brain.

Mind Your Autistic Brain is one of the largest and only 100%  Autistic ADHD owned, operated and staffed Accessibility and Neurodiversity Consulting Firms in the world.

Our mission is to create accessible and neurodiverse spaces within the modern workplace, education, healthcare and community service organization so that minds of all kinds have the structure, support and access to living their best thriving life in all areas.

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