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ADHD/Autistic Burnout

NeuroDistinct Burnout includes those of us who are Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic, basically not a neuro-majority brain. 

WE are Wonderfully Wired and that applies to our BRAINS AND our BODIES. 

How we experience burnout can be different and how we restore from burnout and get off the Chronic Cycle Burnout Loop is not how other brains do it.

My guess is it is one or maybe more of these...

1. You think you might be in burnout but you aren’t sure.

2. You know you are in burnout but you are wondering to what degree and how to get out of it.  How Spicy is your burnout? (I'll send you some more info on this along the way)

3. You are here for a loved one who you may either suspect is experiencing burnout or to learn more about what it is.

Social media may say, unplug from social media and news feeds for a day or two, take a walk, get a massage or just veg out to your favorite streaming series, but that isn't the best way for US to self care and restore.

You may be wondering what NeuoDistinct Burnout is and may not be sure if you are in it, how "Spicy" your burnout may be, how to get out of it or even where to begin.  You are in the right place and I am here to help.

Hi, I am Carole Jean Whittington, Founder of Mind Your Autistic Brain and creator of The UnVeiling Method.  I am a late identified Autistic ADHD adult who is also dyslexic, alexithymic, has an auditory processing delay and I am a visual thinker, and auditory processor.  LOL, IKR (I know right) those beautiful paradoxes that are us in the ND community. 

I love it and think we are amazing!!

Before you hop on over to sign up and get the Top 20 Warning Signs You May be in NeuroDistinct Burnout take a look at how I define it:

An autistic/ADHD/ND Burnout is when our needs consistently go unmet for a sustained period of time without sufficient recovery periods from stressors, which may include but are not limited to sensory over/under stimulation, masking and/or camouflaging, co-occurring physiological conditions, varying degrees of trauma, and a lack of needed support.

The result can include recurring meltdowns, shutdown, withdrawal, feelings of disconnection from self and others, increased and/or decreased sensory experience, suicidal ideation, suicidal action, and a temporary loss of skills and abilities in all areas of life that take time to recover.

The loss of some skills can be permanent or only return to a limited degree if the restoration is not sufficient or if a burnout is a Chronic Cycle Burnout. 

ND Burnout is not the same as a neuro majority burnout, is different from depression, is different from trauma only and is usually not a result of one specific co-occurring health condition such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

What Organizations and Individuals are saying about The UnVeiling Method-Burnout to Thriving  

On behalf of UCLA Autism Advocacy's Executive Board, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your time and commitment to making our 2022 Self-Advocate Speaker Panel so successful! It was the vision of Autism Advocacy to inform and engage our members on what autism is truly like in an inclusive, comfortable environment. Your generosity in sharing your experiences and insight with the 60+ participants who joined the panel has helped make our vision a reality! 

As we continue to grow as an organization, we would love to continue our partnership with you on future events and projects. We can not thank you enough for all your contributions. Your energy and effort are truly appreciated!Thanks again!

Best, Autism Advocacy Executive Board (2022-2023)

Sanjana Kantipudi Jayasree PeriHanna Briner

 "I was fortunate enough to see your (Burnout to Thriving Workshop) presentation yesterday and it is one of the clearest, practically based understanding presentations of burn-out I have seen (and I have attended a number now) and I am so grateful." -P. Fraser

"I wanted to note, as I always love hearing others' *aha* moments that I got to be a part of - the concept of under stimulation leading to burn out and the need for not JUST rest but also things that motivate and excite as well as structure and organize was pivotal for me. A thing I knew innately and when you articulated it my brain finally got it. Thank you for that and many other pieces of wisdom. Just wanted to share that particular one as it's a huge quantum shift for me. :)"         -Staci Andrews

"You are such an amazingly patient and knowledgeable teacher.  I wanted to thank you for guiding me with compassion today to move forward."-M. Kay

“Thank you for providing The UnVeiling Method”-Tracy

'"Your personal examples tell me "Its not just me". You give me a road map/plan and hope. I have never found anything like it."-Client Feedback response

"Tailored to myself as an individual who has just been diagnosed with aspergers I felt I was the only one who felt like this but made me feel normal and helped me to rational my feelings Made me literally go phew it’s not just me - I’m ok !"           -Client Feedback response

Ready to find out if you are in ND Burnout?

Whoo hoo!  Let's do it! 

When you sign up to receive the Top 20 Warning Signs You May Be in NeuroDistinct Burnout, you will also receive links at the bottom of the list that share additional Burnout Resources including a Burnout Warning Signs Coaching Session I did with the amazing Melissa Tacia of "Oh, That's Just My Autism Podcast," my Burnout Playlist of informational videos AND an opportunity to work with me one on one in The UnVeiling Method Burnout To Thriving: Foundations Coaching Program.



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