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Mind Your Autistic Brain and The NeuroDrive Team offer workshops and presentations to meet the neurodiversity needs of modern companies, healthcare facilities, educational institutions and community service organizations.   

For The Workplace

Burnout Restoration for Different Brains in the Workplace

Burnout can occur in all brain types, but what works for some brains to reach Burnout Restoration doesn't work for others.

Burnout Restoration for Different Brains in the Workplace led by Burnout Restoration Strategist, Carole Jean Whittington

In this 2 hour done with you workshop, you will learn:

  • What Burnout is for Neuro-Majority and NeuroDistinct Brains
  • Identify which of the Top 20 Warning Signs You May Be in ND Burnout apply to you
  • Discover how "Spicy" your burnout is from a Level 1 to a Level 5 Burnout
  • Learn what a Sensory Profile is, why it is a critical part of Burnout Restoration and identify what your unique Sensory Profile looks like right now
  • Identify what needs may be going unmet that have led to your Burnout and create an outline of those needs.
  • Bringing it all together into your beginning steps towards Burnout Restoration.

This material is also available in an abbreviated one hour presentation. 

For Managers-Communication Between Different Brains

Bridging communication between neurotypes comes second nature to Dr. Ali Arena and Carole Jean Whittington, creators of The Neurodiverse Communication EcoSystem.

Ali is a Speech language pathologist and educational psychologist who is also ADHD.  Carole Jean is an ADHD Autistic with a background in vision science and therapy.  Together they help different brains communicate more effectively and authentically using their Neurodiverse Communication EcoSystem.

For Managers-Communication Between Different Brains led by Dr. Ali Arena and Carole Jean Whittington

Companies are built on effective communication and when your team is armed with a new understanding of themselves and their unique communication styles everyone thrives including the bottom line.

In this two hour workshop, managers will learn:

  • The top communication breakdowns in teams of different brains AND teams of similar brains
  • The Four Communication Styles from The Neurodiverse Communication EcoSystem and how to identify them in yourself and others
  • How to manage teams with a variety of brains and communication styles effectively
  • The Four Levels of Communication and steps to identify where a communication may have been derailed in a variety of brain types
  • The De-Escalation Protocol for when high conflict or emotionally charged conversations occur in-person or online and steps to de-escalate the situation and next best steps

This material is also available in an abbreviated one hour presentation.

Building a Thriving Workplace for Neurodiversity-Foundations to Success

“Communication breakdowns eat strategy for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.” -Carole Jean Whittington, Founder of Mind Your Autistic Brain

You may have frameworks, strategies and well planned KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) but if the teams and people these strategies and plans rely on aren’t effectively communicating, feel psychologically safe in their work environment, are acknowledged for who they are and what they do, and given the supports needed to succeed, those “best laid plans” get eaten for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

Building a Thriving Workforce for Workplace Neurodiversity- Foundations to Success led by The NeuroDrive Team, Carole Jean Whittington, Jessica Michaels, Dr. Ali Arena, and Carrin Gilmore

After attending this 1 hour presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Identify that unique communication styles exist between people.
  • Recognize the existence of personal expectations in communication styles.
  • Advocate for their own preferences and needs.
  • Ask powerful questions to clarify mutual understanding.
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