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Hi, I'm Dr. Ali Arena and I'm Carole Jean Whittington and we are both late identified helping professionals.  (Ali is ADHD and Carole Jean is Autistic/ADHD)  After hearing from so many of our counseling and coaching peers that there just wasn't any information or guidance on how to work with couples where the woman was autistic or ADHD, we knew we had to share what we created. 

Together we developed The Neurodiverse Communication EcoSystem to give helping professionals a methodology and toolkit to confidently guide their neurodiverse couples to authentic and thriving relationships so that the NeuroDistinct partner didn't end up in Burnout due to camouflaging.

And so that both partners better understand their communication styles and have an immediate De-Escalation Protocol for those highly charged conflicts and so much more.

So if you are a therapist, counselor, or coach and you help couples of all kinds with different minds, this is for you.


Podcast is out NOW!!

Ask us your Neurodiverse relationship question and we'll answer it on the show.

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