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Application for The UnVeiling Method: Burnout to Thriving

Hi, I'm Carole Jean Whittington, and I am a late identified Autistic ADHD adult.  After living on the Chronic Cycle Burnout Loop for 40 years, I am finally THRIVING and in year THREE plus of living burnout, shutdown and meltdown FREE. 

I know that when I began my late identified journey over 9 years ago there was very little help available.  So I dove into research, found what DIDN'T work and developed methods that DID work and truly helped my NeuroDistinct Brain AND Body. That methodology is now my unique solution called The UnVeiling Method.  

Symptoms of the Burned Out Autistic-ADHDer

-You know you are exhausted almost all the time now but don’t have a clear way to get out of it.

-You’re scaling back on demands and focusing on rest every weekend and it helps for Monday and Tuesday, but by the middle to end of the week you are right back where you started.

-You’re using at least 2 or 3 self-care tips each week and trying new ones but nothing feels sustainable.

-Those “fun” things you love to do aren’t feeling fun anymore but more like a chore and that feels depressing.

-70% or more of your energy is spent on doing things others expect or that you have to do to survive.

-You don’t feel connected to your authentic self and you are giving everyone else what they want and need instead of what you need and feels authentic to you.

-Feels like you understand what to do to get out of burnout, but it still doesn’t work.  You’re missing something hidden.

-You never get out of burnout long enough to really feel good and live the authentic life you know is yours.

Any of these feel like you?

Our programs and products have helped hundreds of Burned Out Autistic ADHDer begin their restoration journey and get off The Chronic Cycle Burnout Loop for good and not get trapped in the Burnout Restoration Illusion.

If you are in NeuroDistinct Burnout, and that can be for any version of an ND brain, and you are ready to get off the Chronic Cycle Burnout Loop that keeps sucking you deeper into brain fog, chronic exhaustion and overwhelm, this Burnout To Thriving Foundations Coaching Package is for you.

The UnVeiling Method

Burnout To Thriving FOUNDATIONS Coaching Package includes:

-Four (4) 60 minute one on one coaching sessions with Burnout Restoration Strategist, Carole Jean Whittington via zoom where you will have access to live closed captions. ($1,120.00 Value)

-Four weekly modules on our exclusive learning portal that are self-paced and allow you to take in and process that week's information at your own pace before each weekly coaching session.  Having a place to read informational material, complete assessments, ask questions, access additional resources including workbooks and get direct support is how your Foundations journey is accelerated before each coaching session and in between sessions. ($1,000.00 Value)

-Direct support through our learning portal to ask questions, dive deeper into the content for that week's lesson and have one central place for your Burnout to Thriving journey. ($280.00 Value)

-Each module has a separate section for follow up questions, and thoughts because we all process information at a different speed and it's important to have a place to come back to and ask a question that comes up after a session.

An added feature to the program is our monthly live community support and connection event every 4th Sunday of the month at 2pm Eastern time US ($120.00 Value)

-Unlock BONUS content as you complete lessons to help accelerate your journey even more.  And hey that is a great dopamine hit too when you unlock the additional goodness. ($400.00 Value)

This is almost a $3,000 Value in personalized coaching, materials and support just for FOUNDATIONS

-When you complete this Four Week Foundations Program you will:

* Know Your Burnout Warning Signs and identify "How Spicy Is Your Burnout?" right now from a level 1 Poblano Pepper to a level 5 Ghost Pepper. 

* Have a List of Burnout Sign Posts to help you recognize when you are heading into Burnout Territory BEFORE it gets bad. 

* Have a personalized list of your Needs and Sensory Profile needs right now and a frame work for getting those Needs met through healthy boundaries.

* A personalized FOUNDATIONS Strategy that includes your Un-Met Needs, Sensory Profile Needs, Burnout Warning Signs, Burnout Sign Posts, and Restoration Markers so you know you are still progressing even when you've had a bad day or week. 

The results are priceless, however we can assign value to them, but the real question is, "What is getting out of burnout and off The Chronic Cycle Burnout Loop for good worth to you?"

The total Foundations 4 part coaching package value is over $3,000

This is what you would pay anywhere else for similar assessments, coaching, educational materials, live support and community events, but because part of my mission and business model is to take a percentage of the corporate consulting work that I do (not my team, but me personally) and I use that percentage to offset this cost to make it more accessible to our individual community members. 

You matter to me and your wellbeing matters to me. 

Reciprocity is life.

The Cost of The UnVeiling Method: Burnout to Thriving

FOUNDATIONS Coaching Package starts at $600

Complete UnVeiling Method Package $2,400

Payment plans are available upon request

If this coaching package isn't exactly what you are looking for right now and you are interested in other resources and opportunities to begin your Burnout Restoration, please complete the application and let me know you are looking for something other than a coaching package right now and I will happily provide some other options. 

A visit with me to find what will meet your needs right now is complimentary and there is no obligation to purchase anything.  I am excited to meet you and see how I can help.  Or hey, if you just need to visit and validate what you've been experiencing, that's great too.  

I want to meet you where you are and best support your needs right now. 

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to get off the Chronic Cycle Burnout Loop and Thrive.

IF you aren't sure if you may be in ND Burnout, Learn More

- Why is there an application process?

Coaching is a personalized approach to meeting you where you are today.  In order to make this coaching experience one that truly helps you reach your restoration and thriving goals, I provide an application process to ensure you are in the right place and that we are a good match for one another.  Coaching is about the relationship and that begins with connection that feels good to both parties.

- How quickly will you hear from me after you submit your responses?

Once I've received your responses I will contact you via email within 48 hours (Mon-Fri)

NOTE: April is a very busy month for me hosting the Shine A Light Autistic Advocate Campaign so responses may be a bit slower.   Please be patient with me.

As NDers we've spent most of our lives white knuckling through and fending for ourselves, I know I did, and most of my coaching clients share a similar experience.  Finding someone we trust and who we know "gets" us isn't always an easy feat.  I didn't have someone ahead of me on this late identified journey to guide me, talk me through the tough spots or to just listen from a perspective that I knew they truly understood what it was like to walk in my sensory sensitive shoes.

What does The UnVeiling Method Journey look like and include?

The UnVeiling Method: Burnout to Thriving Journey Outline

FIRM GROUND- is the acronym used in The UnVeiling Method Journey









Open compassion

Understanding vs Knowing 

No judgment

Doing vs BEing


Each Element is a Coaching Series containing a minimum of four parts including each weekly coaching session and correlating modules.  The first element is FOUNDATIONS where we set your Restoration groundwork.

Foundation includes the four part base components of values & self; needs & sensory profile; first layer of boundaries; and ND Burnout sign Posts and first self care steps

Integration takes your foundation and builds in the next layers of self & values; needs & sensory profile; boundaries; sign Posts and self care including: Reflection Work, Energy Appraisal, Thought Thermostat, and Boundary Alignment 

RESToration takes a deeper look at your 7 areas of rest other than sleep, sleep history and pattern, and building in the next level of energy appraisal so that you can bring energy in as well as preserve the energy you have.  There are 7 forms of rest and using your needs and sensory profile you will also have an accommodation outline that you can begin using with yourself, friends, family, work and healthcare.

Management looks at taking your insights and experiences from the foundation, Integration and Restoration elements and begins building the long term strategies to stay off the Chronic Cycle Burnout Loop for good. In this step, we will be creating a plan for adjusting to variables in your life including big life events, elevated stress, relationship shifts and more that can derail you without the right plan and framework in place. 

Each element is customized to you and your unique needs, experiences and all is done at your pace.  There is no rush and there is not deadline for when you complete each element.  You will receive encouragement when you need it and space and time when you need that as well.  This is your journey and supporting you is the priority.


Each level of The UnVeiling Method: FIRM incorporates

the GROUND elements:


Growth expectations and goals

Reflection observing beliefs and thought patterns

Open compassion developing self love and compassion to give and receive

Understanding vs Knowing, what we understand from an intellectual level to what we know from a lived experience perspective

No judgment be the scientist in your own life and collect the data by examining the beliefs we hold that may be creating barriers to growth and development

Doing vs BEing- doing and the to do list are killing most of us, the shift happens in who we are being

-What clients are saying...

 "I was fortunate enough to see your (Burnout to Thriving Workshop) presentation yesterday and it is one of the clearest, practically based understanding presentations of burn-out I have seen (and I have attended a number now) and I am so grateful." -P. Fraser

"I wanted to note, as I always love hearing others' *aha* moments that I got to be a part of - the concept of under stimulation leading to burn out and the need for not JUST rest but also things that motivate and excite as well as structure and organize was pivotal for me. A thing I knew innately and when you articulated it my brain finally got it. Thank you for that and many other pieces of wisdom. Just wanted to share that particular one as it's a huge quantum shift for me. :)"         -Staci Andrews

"You are such an amazingly patient and knowledgeable teacher.  I wanted to thank you for guiding me with compassion today to move forward."-M. Kay

“Thank you for providing The UnVeiling Method”-Tracy

"You've made my life much better and I'm forever grateful."-Client Feedback response

'"Your personal examples tell me "Its not just me". You give me a road map/plan and hope. I have never found anything like it."-Client Feedback response

"Tailored to myself as an individual who has just been diagnosed with asperger's I felt I was the only one who felt like this but made me feel normal and helped me to rational my feelings Made me literally go phew it’s not just me - I’m ok !"           -Client Feedback response

What Organizations are saying...

On behalf of UCLA Autism Advocacy's Executive Board, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your time and commitment to making our 2022 Self-Advocate Speaker Panel so successful! It was the vision of Autism Advocacy to inform and engage our members on what autism is truly like in an inclusive, comfortable environment. Your generosity in sharing your experiences and insight with the 60+ participants who joined the panel has helped make our vision a reality! 

As we continue to grow as an organization, we would love to continue our partnership with you on future events and projects. We can not thank you enough for all your contributions. Your energy and effort are truly appreciated!Thanks again!

Best, Autism Advocacy Executive Board (2022-2023)

Sanjana Kantipudi Jayasree PeriHanna Briner

If you have questions please contact:

To get started, apply today.

-By applying, you are taking one step forward on getting help with Burnout Restoration. You are not committed to working with me by completing this application, but this will allow me to give you guidance around what I would recommend and whether I'm your jam.

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Tell Me About You

Let's get to know one another and discover if one on one coaching is the solution you've been seeking for ND Burnout Restoration.  I can't wait to meet you!

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