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Neurodiversity: Managing ADHD/Autistic Burnout at Work (Lunch & Learn with Oliver Fenghour and Carole Jean Whittington)



Oliver is the founder of Advance: The Disability Consultants.  

At ADVANCE: THE DISABILITY CONSULTANTS we provide Autism Lunch & Learn, Neurodiversity Lunch & Learn, Autism HR & Recruitment Workshops and Dyspraxia Lunch & Learn Workshops to give organisations the confidence, knowledge and skills required to recruit, support and develop Autistic & Neurodivergent talent in the workplace. We also provide consultancy services to organisations to help make them Autism and Neurodiversity confident employers. Our objective is to empower organisations with the confidence, knowledge and skills required to become Autism and Neurodiversity confident employers. 


Meet Carole Jean Whittington, the visionary mind behind Mind Your Autistic Brain, one of the world's largest and only Autistic/ADHD owned and staffed consulting firms. Carole Jean's passion lies in guiding ADHD/Autistic professionals towards sustainable energy and leadership in their careers and relationships.

Her weekly talk show, Beyond Autistic Burnout, tackles the hottest topics in ADHD/Autistic life, bringing insightful discussions with prominent figures in the Autistic online community. This show has garnered a massive following, reaching over 93 countries, with more than 550,000 devoted listeners and watchers each week. In 2022, Spotify recognized Beyond Autistic Burnout as one of the top 5% podcasts in the Self-Help category.

As a Burnout Restoration Strategist, Carole Jean introduces innovative solutions like The UnVeiling Method and The Neurodiverse Communication Ecosystem. Through her work, she helps companies, teams, and individuals of all cognitive profiles forge genuine connections and thrive in a diverse world. Carole Jean's commitment to promoting accessibility and embracing neurodiversity shines through in all her endeavors.

In this Lunch and Learn you will:

* Be able to identify how burnout presents in a variety of neurotypes

* Have a step by step guide to beginning the burnout discussion with your team

* Tips and strategies on managing yourself and your team during burnout to optimize restoration

* New perspectives on HR in burnout management

And for those who attend the live event, you will receive our

"Leader's Guide to Managing Burnout for Minds of All Kinds"

3 Modules

SESSION 1- Replay & Resources

SESSION 1 Module contains registration link for the live event, the REPLAY and BONUS MATERIALS.


SESSION 2- Replay and Resources

SESSION 2 Module contains registration link for the live event, the REPLAY and BONUS MATERIALS.


Modules for this product 3
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