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The Brain Dump Blog & Newsletter Accessibility in the Workplace with Sydney Elaine Butler of Accessible Creates

Accessibility in the Workplace with Sydney Elaine Butler of Accessible Creates


Accessibility in the Workplace 

with Sydney Elaine Butler of Accessible Creates

Carole Jean: -What does accessibility mean to you?

Sydney: To me, accessibility means everyone has access. Plain and simple. Ok, to expand a bit, it means people have access to resources, opportunities regardless of barriers in their way, and removing barriers to ensure they get what they access and deserve. 

Carole Jean: -What is your big "why" for advocating in the workplace?

Sydney:  I am an HR Professional who also identifies as neurodivergent and disabled in the workplace. I have seen what happens when I don’t have accessibility in the workplace, and see the amazing stuff that happens when accessibility is in the workplace. However, my big why is because a lot of companies, businesses, and employers do not know how easy and how necessary it is to have access and accommodations in the workplace to ensure the success of all employees within their organization. 

Carole Jean: -What has been the biggest accessibility challenge you have faced in your own workplace in the past?


    • Lack of Accommodation
    • Unclear expectations
    • Verbal communication/instruction when I said I need written instruction
  • “But you could do it before, why can’t you do it now?” 
    • I have complex PTSD, which is a type of neurodiversity that is not talked about a lot, and so one day I was not triggered and another day I was triggered and was unable to complete the task the same way I did before. 

Carole Jean: -What are your best tips or insights into creating more accessibility from the employer side?


  • Have training on Accessibility, and Education on Accessibility in the workplace
  • Listen to individual employee’s complaints and feedback on how they feel about the culture 
  • Understanding barriers to recruitment and then go about removing them alongside an external consultant
  •  Invest in developing people with disabilities
  • Understand misconceptions you have around Accessibility and Disability in the Workplace

Carole Jean: -What tips or best practices would you like to share to help aid the employee?


  • Understand the well being and importance of safety e.g. psychological safety for all employees and how it may slightly differ for ND employees
  • The use of language: Be mindful of the language you are using in the workplace, and how you are communicating, e.g. are you communicating in the way the employee best processes information? Use slack or email for written communication
  • Have Disabled and Neurodiverse Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that are at least 50% of those who have the lived experiences

Carole Jean: -What is the most important point you'd like to share around accessibility in the workplace?

Sydney:  Accessibility is not just for people with disabilities, yes, it has become synonyms with people with disabilities due to the fact, we are not provided access more than any other diverse group, but it is important to realize it is about providing access and giving access in ways the individual needs it, and not how you assume they need it. Listen to your disabled/ neurodiverse employees, and ultimately listen to disabled and neurodiverse voices and people.

About the Amazing Sydney Elaine Butler and Where to Connect

Hi! My name is Sydney Elaine Butler. I am a Business Administration undergraduate recipient from Sheridan College. I am a Human Resources Professional. At Parris Consulting, I am a Facilitator and Neurodiversity Specialist. I am also the Founder, as well as a Freelance Accessibility and Neurodiversity Speaker and Consultant at my company Accessible Creates and a DEIB Facilitator.

My Professional Purpose is that I am committed to removing physical and non-physical barriers in the workplace so that everyone can tap into their talents and fulfill their full potential, Within my work this means I will be able to help employees and companies reach their fullest potential (increasing employee morale) which increases overall productivity within an organization. I host workshops and consult for companies on Accessibility and Neurodiversity in the workplace. Email me at for more details on how I can help your company/team today! 

Sydney Elaine Butler




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