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Jaime A. Heidel- The Articulate Autistic Advocate Spotlight #ShineALight

Jaime: I’ve discovered that the most important thing I can teach a non-autistic person to do is to approach autistic behavior with curiosity.

Brian Bird of Autism Support Community Advocate Spotlight and VERY FIRST Mind Your Autistic Brain 2022 Autistic Advocate Impact & Achievement Award for their Service to Others #ShineALight

Brian learned at the age of fifty that he is autistic.  His writing and advocacy so intimately shares his journey through life.  He lost his parents at a very early age and he was brutally bullied and experienced atrocities that no human should ever experience.  The courage, bravery, tenacity and heart that Brian thrives and continues to show up with in life today and every day is a testament to who he is. Meet the 2022 Mind Your Autistic Brain Autistic Advocate Impact & Achievement Award winner Mr. Brain Bird…

Victoria Ellen of Actually Aspling Advocate Spotlight #ShineALight

I don’t really have one area or focus. I tend to cover lots of different topics, predominantly based off my feelings and experiences. I like to try and discuss a whole range of things so that I am inclusive. 

Thomas Henley-Aspergers Growth Advocate Spotlight #ShineALight

My passion is helping other autistic people learn more about themselves, providing a role model for self-improvement, communicating the autistic experience to neurotypical individuals & providing a platform to bring autistic individuals, parents & experts together to pursue a joint cause.

Diane J. Wright of Autastic-Advocate Spotlight #ShineALight

What makes this personal to you and Your Big Why? If I can pass along some of what I’ve learned and improve someone’s life, why wouldn’t I do that? If I can connect others to do the same, of course I will. Connection allows us to feel that we are not alone..

April 2022 Newsletter- #ShineALight Autistic Advocates

Shining a light on autistic adults and giving each autistic person space to speak for themselves, to share who they are, what is important to them and how they see and experience the world is beyond necessary. This month to #ShineALight on autistic people and our voices, Mind Your Autistic Brain is showcasing a different autistic advocate throughout the month on the new Blog, The Brain Dump beginning, Monday, April 4th.  If you are new to the autistic community, Welcome! and we see ...

Getting Accommodations at Work When You Are Autistic

Carrin Gilmore is autistic and recently quit her job because she couldn't get the work accommodations she needed. How crazy is that?! Right? She works in a field that is ALL about accommodations but when it came to the school meeting her accommodation needs it just didn't happen.


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